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Walking protection
By Kim September 30, 2019
Verified Purchase

I really that it’s discreet and small. I wear it when I go walking or hiking by myself. I feel little bit safer knowing I have a way to defend myself. Very sharp.

Good for nighttime runners
By Heather September 20, 2019
Verified Purchase

Good for someone like me who enjoys evening runs. Pepper gel is awkward to keep on you, & if someone comes at you from behind it wouldn’t work. It doesn’t hurt to wear, and ring size adjusts. It’s sharp enough to do some damage for sure, but high off your finger it doesn’t hurt you.

Great product. Every woman jogging should be wearing one.
By Pie-Air76 September 18, 2019
Verified Purchase

Bought these for my girl so she has a close quarters automatic defense tool

Hopefully will never need it
By Lauren September 8, 2019
Verified Purchase

This is a great self defense product, I have bought a couple for friends and family - it's unfortunate that we should need something like this, but this is the world we live in. I wear mine while out and about (being VERY careful - no fist-bumps!) and especially while jogging or hiking in the woods.

Very sharp
By Karen August 26, 2019
Verified Purchase

I'm glad my 2 daughters can wear this as a ring for safety

Great addition to my running gear!
By Claire long August 20, 2019
Verified Purchase

Love it. Pretty sharp for plastic...sizes a bit small.

I feel safer, but word to the unwise like me… Don’t stab yourself!
By Kandis August 12, 2019
Verified Purchase

This may seem obvious, but it is VERY easy to cut yourself with this thing. I was on a long run and absent-mindedly reached down to pull my shorts down, forgetting I had the ring on, and sliced my thigh open. It is SHARP. I didn't realize how bad the cut was until I looked down about a mile later and realized that my thighs had blood smeared all over them. I'm sure people driving by on the street probably thought I'd started my period during my run, and had a good laugh at my expense. Ah well. I still feel protected, thus the 5 star rating. Just don't forget you have it on!

Very sharp!
By Lauren Fernandez July 29, 2019
Verified Purchase

I feel safe when I jog with my ring, and love how sharp it is but also how I am protected from it!

By Yolanda Trujillo July 26, 2019
Verified Purchase

Great product. I feel safer while I go walking.

Peace of mind for runners.
By Kevin A. July 23, 2019
Verified Purchase

You’re paying for peace of mind, and this thing would flat mess some one up. The color is fine, weight is fine, ability to close a fist and run is fine. Overall, good product. However, if running is your meditation like it is for me, beware wiping your forehead absentmindedly or live with the scar.

Added Security
By AMommy. July 19, 2019
Verified Purchase

This provides an element of security while running or hiking. It is sharp and pointy but still comfortable to wear. The fit is comfortable and I am a size 8, I use the thinnest ring insert that it comes with to ensure a comfortable fit! I recomend to all runners and hikers!

Comfortable to wear and really works
By Yushi Sun June 11, 2019
Verified Purchase

The ring comes with different sizers to accommodate different ring sizes.

I wore this while walking my dog late at night and she yanked me the wrong way when she saw a squirrel. I accidentally grazed myself with this ring and it drew blood THROUGH my shirt and still hurts a bit a few days later (a very shallow cut). Definitely unfortunate and wouldn't have happened if my dog didn't randomly yank me in a weird direction but it gives me the confidence that this thing will definitely hurt an attacker enough for me to get away. Just be careful when you wear this!

College students need
By Ashley June 9, 2019
Verified Purchase

Super sharp but handy

Great engineering idea
By tlow April 20, 2019
Verified Purchase

Comfortable and useful. My wife and daughter love their new defense weapon.

By Mario s. March 1, 2019
Verified Purchase

Solid. It looks like it would do its job nicely. I got it for my wife. She feels safer wearing it.

Quality Product
By Dana February 18, 2019
Verified Purchase

Quality product! Makes me feel comfortable when I’m on my runs with the extra protection.

Self-defense ring will give you some confidence
By Satisfied customer February 4, 2019
Verified Purchase

This self-defense ring is exactly as described. I use it whenever I want to go for a hike, walk, run, or bike ride by myself. It gives me a sense of confidence I didn’t have before. I bought one for my daughter too.

Just what I expected.
By Robert Bender December 31, 2018
Verified Purchase

An attacker would be sorry if he made the mistake of grabbing someone wearing this. This could easily open an artery.

By Katie Leifker December 29, 2018
Verified Purchase

I feel safe when I run...i never leave home without it!

Protection while running
By Amazon Customer December 18, 2018
Verified Purchase

I bought this for running since carrying a gun is not practical and a taser you have to make sure is on and doesn't get ripped/knocked out of your hands. It is comfortable to run in. It is very sharp which would deter someone after the first punch. Besides protection from creeps I also wear it in case a dog were to attack me. I hope that anything that inflicts pain would deter an animal or a person from continuing their attack.

Great to have
By Amazon Customer December 10, 2018
Verified Purchase

I like this product because it is so simple to have with me while running or when going into the gym in Oakland at 4am. I want to purchase more for my daughter in college.

By Buyer Customer November 30, 2018
Verified Purchase

I really like this- makes me feel safer while in the trails-

Great product. Peace of mind for family.
By UnCommonGrafx November 29, 2018
Verified Purchase

I ordered two medium rings, one to wear on each hand. It is easy to swap out the ring size adjusters. I plan to order two more in the large to fit over my winter gloves, if / when they become available.

Ease of use
By Doug F November 27, 2018
Verified Purchase

grand daughters are runners, and feel safer now with this product . I would recommend

Easy to wear
By Amazon Customer November 18, 2018
Verified Purchase

The little rubber things are great, i can even wear the ring wearing gloves.

By Charles Steward November 17, 2018
Verified Purchase

It'll hurt ya, she loves it

Easy to Wear
By Mike B November 15, 2018
Verified Purchase

Wearing this is simple so there is no excuse to go without it. It seems sharp enough to inflict pain.

Great defender
By Amazon Customer November 1, 2018
Verified Purchase

Thank God I haven't had to use it, but the feeling of safety it brings me while hiking is priceless

Looks like this could do some damage! Discrete ... like it.
By Nikki October 31, 2018
Verified Purchase

small enough to have in your purse or keep in your car. I decided I wanted multiple (for purse and car and office). I keep them in the little zip-pouches I often get for earbuds... that way I don't jab myself when im searching for it in my car :)

By abrock October 30, 2018
Verified Purchase

The only bad thing about this product is that there is a need for it to exist! Bought one, immediately bought a second for the other hand.Sizing is super easy and quick to change! Highly recommend this for anyone who runs alone or in the dark

Great for Runners
By LHT October 22, 2018
Verified Purchase

Perfect item for a runner. Just wear it. No need to think about how to use it as its always at the ready.

Easy self-defense
By notpresidenttrump October 16, 2018
Verified Purchase

I love wearing this when I'm out for walks and especially up on the mountain. It helps me feel much better protected.

Husbands, get this for your wife and daughters without a second thought!!!
By Devastator October 9, 2018
Verified Purchase

I am impressed! It is very hard and sharp plastic that's not going to take any mercy on flesh. The teeth on the side are like saws, so you don't have to stab to do some damage. There are a lot of cowards out there that prey on women and this device will turn the odds into their favor. Obviously wearing it is job one right? The only gripe I have is, the rubber piece covering it is pretty much worthless. Which honestly isn't that big a deal.

By V. Q. Perez September 19, 2018
Verified Purchase

Excellent and discrete self defense device

Great defense item
By Amazon Customer August 22, 2018
Verified Purchase

Great for runners

Not for jumpy people.....
By Amazon Customer on January 17, 2017
Verified Purchase

Do not startle your wife while she is wearing this. One ER trip, 17 stitches, and a trip to the priest (I said many things I wish I could take back) I can honestly say this product is not only effective, it also hurts worse than getting a wisdom tooth pulled without any anesthesia in a central american taberna (which is a very long story, for another time).

Great for self defense!
By RaVo on February 4, 2017
Verified Purchase

What a great self defense tool - so easy to keep on hand and really will inflict enough pain to let you get away if you come under attack.

Great product! Very easy to assemble and wear
By Baudelaire on January 13, 2017
Verified Purchase

Great product! Very easy to assemble and wear.

Five Stars
By M.H. on March 11, 2017
Verified Purchase

Product is as pictured. Can wear over running gloves or without ~ BONUS adjustable fitting!

Five Stars
By Madison Reed on January 17, 2017
Verified Purchase

Purchased for a friend while she exercises she definitely feels safe by herself

Five Stars
By Bobcat on January 20, 2017
Verified Purchase

Great for walking early in the ,owning or late in the evening.

Easy self defense tool
By Amazon Customer on January 24, 2017
Verified Purchase

Hopefully I will never have to use this thing, but when my dad heard I had started trail running solo at a local public park, he recommended I pick up some pepper spray and something sharp to use against potential assailants. My dad was in the U.S. Navy for more than 20 years and he said some of his fellow female officers used a heavy walking stick for protection. I'm not sure the ring will be comfortable if my fingers heat up and swell during a run, but it seems like good protection. I may even start slipping this on when walking to my car at night.

Five Stars
By Davin Young on February 28, 2017
Verified Purchase

Good for active woman.

Like it
By Amazon Customer on January 11, 2017
Verified Purchase

It's great

Three Stars
By Isabel Alvarenga on January 9, 2017
Verified Purchase

rubber faces up so it looks like a weapon. ring wont fit males or big fingered women.

Three Stars
By Tommie Fox on January 31, 2017
Verified Purchase

It was too small for middle finger which is where I wanted it to go.

Super comfortable Ring
By Andrea W. on November 22, 2016
Verified Purchase

Super comfortable Ring, I wear it when I go out for a walk at night, or go jogging early in the morning or in the evening. I recommend it, it give me a feeling of security.

I feel so much safer hiking secluded mountain trails wearing ...
By sabrina stratford on November 2, 2016
Verified Purchase

I feel so much safer hiking secluded mountain trails wearing this. Ready to punch any attacker in the throat.

Seems like it'll work as expected when needed
By DeAnna Bredeson on December 29, 2016
Verified Purchase

Arrived in a timely fashion. Fits right. Seems like it'll work as expected when needed.

Five Stars
By sue on November 15, 2016
Verified Purchase

I recommend this to everyone, not just women!

It's like wearing a ring
By Amazon Customer on November 11, 2016
Verified Purchase

Sent it to my niece away at college.
Walks across campus late at night.

It's like wearing a ring.
I hope she never needs it.

Five Stars
By bill on December 20, 2016
Verified Purchase

I will feel alot better with my wife having this on her while she is out jogging.

I'm going guarded
By Katherine Anderson on September 27, 2016
Verified Purchase

I am an avid runner, and got nervous with stories of the two female runners murdered this summer. I got this to let me feel a little protected when I'm out. It is really sharp and I'm sure it would do a lot of damage.

With all the horrible things I see on Social media I was happy ...
By nicole suzanne maturana darling on June 10, 2016
Verified Purchase

I am an avid runner and often run with my two small children and dog..,..I can't express enough the confidence this gives me..... With all the horrible things I see on Social media I was happy to find this product..... Running with pepper spray never really seemed to make me feel like I could efficiently defend myself... BUT this ring does....... I also feel like just wearing the ring makes me more conscience of my surroundings.... I often get "lost" in my run and the music, which is what I love about running but could also make me a vulnerable target....for $20 it was worth every penny for me.... I hope I never have to use it....

Four Stars
By Amazon Customer on November 8, 2016
Verified Purchase

Comfortable product to wear when runnning and walking.

Five Stars
By JSTN on December 28, 2016
Verified Purchase

Great product! Super fast shipping!

A must-buy for your safety (or a loved-one's)!
By Naomi on February 29, 2016
Verified Purchase

This product is a must-buy for anyone looking to protect herself (or himself). As a runner, I use the GoGuarded when I run in the dark and when I run alone. Such a small item makes me feel so much safer; I know I couldn't overpower someone bigger or stronger than me, but my GoGuarded gives me the peace of mind to know I would still be able to get away if I were attacked. Although I use it primarily when I run, I could see how the GoGuarded, being so small and easily transported, could be used by anyone looking to be safe wherever she or he might go.

Great buy
By icecream4god on November 16, 2016
Verified Purchase

Great buy. I run in the morning when it is sometimes still dark. Having it on make me feel safer.

It's OK
By Cookie Day on December 23, 2016
Verified Purchase

Don't like it was well as other products I have found. But, it is better than nothing!!

Kind of odd
By Alex Q on March 17, 2016
Verified Purchase

My wife wanted one of these, and it was cheaper to buy here than from GoGuarded's website. It arrived in a plastic bag, no fancy packaging or anything. Totally fine with us. It seems pretty sharp. The blade cover is rubber and I imagine could flop around on a run. The inserts are nice for sizing. My wife says it's comfortable to wear on runs. The pink is nice and bright.

The issue is with how to use this in defense. I understand that it'd be cumbersome and potentially dangerous to have the blade stick out at a right angle from the finger, but it'd definitely make striking easier. As it stands, you can't punch in any normal way. You have to close your fist and then kind of rake your hand at the attacher, or punch with your wrist in extension, which limits how hard you can strike. I think it's a neat idea but kind of disappointing in practice.

Like the idea but kind of scary wearing it - ...
By Debbie on December 10, 2016
Verified Purchase

Like the idea but kind of scary wearing it - what if I slip and someone tries to help me and I jab them with it????

Exactly what I was looking for for my Fiancée
By Spare Time Heroes Studio on September 11, 2016
Verified Purchase

This product is great. Took it out of the box, fitted the ring adjustment in it and is comfortable for my Fiancée. She wears it whenever she takes the dog for a walk. It looks clunky in the pictures but it actually conceals itself quite well even when it's worn.

Feel safe
By gmommyon November 10, 2016
Verified Purchase

This has lots of different size options. It comes with little inserts that are different thicknesses. You just keep trying until you find your size. It helped me feel a little safer running alone on the trails. Small and discrete.

A bit more secure. Emphasis on -- a bit.
By Carolyn on November 23, 2016
Verified Purchase

I walk home from work in the dark in the city. Try me.

Not the most comfortable but some defense is better than none
By Peg in FL on October 6, 2016
Verified Purchase

The spiky metal part seems sturdy enough to scratch an assailant. I wish I could say it was comfortable to wear but as my fingers swell running it gets pretty darn tight. All in all, better than fussing with a pepper spray container and is better than no defense at all.

Five Stars
By Amazon Customer on August 31, 2016
Verified Purchase

Great self defense tool!

... wear it when I run and find it very comfortable. It definitely gives me an added sense if ...
By A2MomTo3 on September 23, 2016
Verified Purchase

I wear it when I run and find it very comfortable. It definitely gives me an added sense if security.

Gives a little too much
By DOROTHY on September 5, 2016
Verified Purchase

I purchased this for when I have to travel around at night alone. Most people who I have encountered after the sunset don't even notice it, and mine is pink. I do worry about the functionality of it since the tip is thin and bends easily. just wearing it and making contact with a door or even your leg will have the tip curled under. I do like that it is size adjustable. I hope I never have to use it for protection, but it does feel nice knowing that I have something to assist cause harm if I had to defend myself physically.

Five Stars
By Am Shopper on September 17, 2016
Verified Purchase

Love it. Feel safer when I run and nothing to hold...fits right on my finger.

By Elisabeth30 on March 29, 2016
Verified Purchase

Love this! I bought one for me and one for my daughter. Seems well made and gives a sense of security for those lone runs and bike rides. Definitely recommend for the price! And it's pink!

Four Stars
By Edward Romero on August 13, 2016
Verified Purchase

I got this for my girlfriend for running. She loves it.

the bad thing is that there is no case to put ...
By Delia E. Graham on June 18, 2016
Verified Purchase

I can also use it while walking alone to the car, the bad thing is that there is no case to put in.

Love the simplicity
By SSS on November 22, 2015
Verified Purchase

Love the simplicity,light weight, compact portability of this! I slip it into my gear, my purse and when I head out for the hike, run or simply exploring a place that may be less populated it goes right on my finger. No training needed, just make a fist and do what comes naturally. I hope I will never have a need to use it but am glad there is something out there I can have on hand, won't spray back on me, have me fumbling to turn it on or simply find it,and it never has an expiration date! Simple,sensible and affordable- recommend to all who like to explore alone or not!

Keep it simple for self defense!
By DS6 on October 25, 2015
Verified Purchase

Being a avid runner who does not like to tote the extra weight of mace, guns, or other obstructions to my running enjoyment, this was a great find. I hardly even notice it's there. The ring sizers are simple to put in place and make for a good fit. One huge advantage about this device is that I don't have to think about how to use it if i'm in trouble. There is not button to press, trigger to pull, sights to line up. It's already in place and ready to go without any though, and that's just what you want when you are panicking and your heart is pouding.

It's really lightweight and the serrated edges will definitely cause a lot of damage.

Hope I never need to use it, but very happy to have it.

this is the perfect product!
By Theresa L Mayer on November 21, 2015
Verified Purchase

If you have a need to feel secure, this is the perfect product!