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Martial Arts or Self Defense Products: Which is Better for Women’s Self Defense?

When it comes to women defending themselves against the odds, one can choose two main paths: martial arts or self-defense products. Some people believe that taking a martial arts class is the best way, while others think these products would be the more practical route.

Various Ways To Defend Yourself

When learning to defend yourself, the first thing to do is decide which route you want to take. Do you want to take up a martial art like judo, karate, or kickboxing? Or are you more interested in having some self-defense products on you that are lightweight, small, and easy to use? Do you want to learn how to punch correctly? Or do you want something more powerful but with less work involved in using it?  

The answer is both. Martial arts will help develop your body’s strength and power, while self-defense products make it easy to always have something on you that will help if needed. These products range from pepper sprays to ‘dagger’ rings and all types of other valuable tools. The key is making sure that whatever you choose is easy and practical for you to use.

The Effectiveness of Martial Arts

The effectiveness of martial arts is often debated. However, martial arts can be more effective in many cases than a self-defense product such as pepper spray or even a knife. Why is this? Because someone wielding a dagger or holding a canister of pepper spray is often very obvious. This can potentially make people around you less likely to attack. Also, your level of anxiety and stress will not help in a situation where you need calm and collected action to defend yourself. 

What does “effective” mean? 

You’ll learn to use your body and strength to defend yourself when you’re learning martial arts. This will help you get away from attackers who might want to harm or rob you since it can help teach proper striking and blocking techniques that can be used on the street. This can also help you take down attackers who may be more significant since it lets you know how to use your force in the best way possible. 

What’s more, martial arts gives you the ability to defend yourself both on your feet and the ground. Some of these styles also teach grappling techniques that can help you take someone down and disable them, even if they’re bigger than you.

The Effectiveness of Self-Defense Products

Now that we’ve reviewed the effectiveness of martial arts let’s compare it to the efficacy of self-defense products. These items are often small and easy to carry with you, such as pepper spray or a tactical pen. They’re lightweight and can be taken anywhere. You can even make your own using items like hair spray and lip balm! 

However, there is one thing that these products lack: power. If you use something like pepper spray, your attacker will still be able to grab at you and do damage even if they’re temporarily blinded. This is why your self-defense product must be something that can defend you against an attack from all angles, both when the attacker is attacking and when they’re not. 

Go Guarded has several products that serve as both Martial Arts and self-defense products. Their weapons are compact, lightweight, adjustable, have quick release buttons for easy deployment, are legal to take on your person anywhere you go, and can be used with confidence thanks to their durability against excessive force. The best part is they’re available at an affordable cost!

Self Defense: The Best of Both Worlds

As you can see, both martial arts and self-defense products have their pros and cons. The best solution is to use them together. The great thing about the Go Guarded line of products is that they make it easier to do just that! 

You can take a lightweight keychain or ring that can easily be held onto or attached to your clothes with you at all times. You’ll always have some form of protection with you, without the worry of it weighing you down. Combine this with martial arts training so that you know what type of force to use, how to strike an attacker’s vulnerable areas for maximum power, and how to defend yourself in all kinds of situations appropriately, and you have the perfect combination for self-defense! 

When it comes time to choose between learning martial arts or having a self-defense product, remember that they’re both great options on their own. However, if you want something that will truly empower you without weighing you down, take the best of both worlds and choose to use a self-defense product from Go Guarded.