Go Guarded was built for runners by a runner. The Go Guarded team has gone through multiple iterations to get each product to the most comfortable level possible, without sacrificing quality and strength. We want to make sure you feel comfortable on your walk, run, or activity, barely feeling Go Guarded is there.

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Go Guarded products were developed to meet the unique needs of runners. They are hands-free devices that will leave your hands free to reach for water, check your phone, stop your watch, etc. Simply slip on a Go Guarded and Go. Avoid the fatigue of carrying something extra while running.

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Go Guarded’s founder has an extensive background in criminal justice/law enforcement. With her background in safety, she developed each product with a focus on effectiveness. Go Guarded products are all uniquely designed for anyone who wants to feel safer during their run, walk, or outdoor activity.


Go Guarded saved me
This is a short version of my story. It has been a journey that I continue to travel.

When I first bought the ring – my husband was more worried that I would fall and stab myself. He never thought I could hurt someone Else. But that was before the morning last winter. I was running and heard breaths and footsteps behind me. I turned just as my attacker pushed me to the ground with the intent to rape me. He was on top of me. I stabbed him in the face with my ring and thankfully he stopped and ran away. The police were able to identify him because he dropped his cell phone at the scene of the crime and also because he had an obvious stab wound on his cheek. I never leave my house without my go guarded and when I am home alone – I often have it on me. Thank you go guarded. My attacker will serve an 8 year sentence and also is facing charges in another county for a similar crime.

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Go Gourded


Go Guarded has created self-defense products that blend seamlessly into your active lifestyle. Self-defense expert David Heineman demonstrates in this video review how easily you can use all of our products, and shares his thoughts on their effectiveness. 


Go Guarded has worked with a variety of self-defense specialists and assault survivors. Some include:

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Laura Key
Seems okay!

Luckily, I haven't needed to use this "ring" yet, but I think it could be helpful. It fits fine and is comfortable enough that I can forget I'm wearing it. For actual self-defense, it requires an unusual striking angle, which I've practiced, just in case! I doubt it would affect an attacker if used against jeans or a jacket; so whenever I put it on, I mentally prepare myself to use it fiercely on someone's exposed face or neck. During evening walks, I continue to carry pepper spray and a beefy metal flashlight (holding it like a baton, the way cops do).

Happy addition to running gear

Easy to carry and provides a sense of security. This is a happy addition to my running gear!


This works really well and is safe and comfortable to run with!

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Kate Ashcraft
Ready to fight back

I feel like someone from Go Guarded was listening in on every fight my husband and I have had about why I don't want to carry any self-defense devices while running. This ring is perfect. It's unobtrusive, I don't need to think about how to use it, and it can't be taken away and used against me. I love it so much I'm almost hoping for an excuse to use it. Come at me, bad guys! I'm ready to take your eyes out!

Love these!

We have six daughters and we have purchased one for each of them as well as ourselves. The shipping was really fast!

Chandra Hedges
Love it!

Love it. Such a light & easy protection tool for my late evening runs!

Better than expected

So I bought this from seeing an influencer run with it and also she had an experience where it was good to have it. I absolutely love it and it is way more comfortable than I thought it was going to be. So if you are on the fence, I do highly recommend and will say you won’t regret it!


Love that someone is making personal protection like this. The only thing I would change is having the option to buy only the stun gun without the knife end. That said, I am very happy with my purchase!

Gail DeGarmo
Very pleased.

Very pleased with purchase, fits well. Looks very discreet. Hope I never have to use it.

Great quality, love it!

I had high expectations for the hand-held knife and stunner based on other reviews and I was not disappointed! Great quality, the stunner seems strong, and the grip works great. I definitely feel safer on solo walks and bike rides.

Love It (Gives the Husband Peace of Mine, Too)

I ordered and received the stun gun with dagger combo and I absolutely love it! It’s very easy to use. Arrived quick & my husband has a lot more peace of mine now when I am out running.

Holly Griscom
Great product!

Love it and I feel safer with it! Super fast shipping! Such a good idea that it even comes with sizers.

Camila Parodi
My sister in law loved it !

My sister in law runs a lot of trails and she is a true crime fanatic. Things have been more dangerous in our county and I want her to have SOMETHING. What better equipment that is meant for running and stabby? Brings her confidence up! As well as fashionable, would love to see more colors !

Stephanie Adams
Makes Me Feel Safer

I like my Go Guard ring. Hopefully I’ll never have to use it, but it makes me feel safer. It’s made of VERY hard plastic and know it will hold up if I have to use it.

Mary Casey
Go Guarded Ring is Peace of Mind

I purchased the Go Guarded ring because I wanted something I didn't have to hold in my hand while running. Especially on longer runs where I need to hold gels and maybe water. It gives me peace of mind when running by myself. The silicone over the blade is really flexible so it'll definitely do what it needs to if you have to use it, but it also protects me from hurting myself by accident. I can still reach into pockets and such with it on. Definitely recommend.

Go Guarded Gift Box
Xochiquetzal Kazantzis
Go guard gift box

Love it


Elizabeth Corker
Great product, great gift

I bought three- one for me because I’ve used it for years then lost it in a move, two as gifts for my active friends. It’s small, portable and comfortable to wear on activities short and long. It’s a nice added sense of safety on morning walks with my dog. Comes with plenty of sizers to help get it just right. Just keep in mind for me at least that your fingers can swell when doing outdoor cardio, especially in the heat!

Hand held with pepper spray

I’m very pleased with this product it’s lightweight and easy to hold!

Rebecca M
100% recommend

I hope I never have to use it, but I feel safer when I run with it. I got the perfect fit using one of the adjusters and hardly notice I'm wearing it all all.

Sense of security that’s easy to carry.

I run alone or pushing a stroller most days. While my surroundings are nature filled, getting help or visibility isn’t easily done. Carrying my Go Guarded Handheld with Pepperspray gives me the defense needed if I should ever encounter a predator. I also have the ring for traveling and love that too! Keep up the great work helping us feel empowered!

Catherine Brown
Exactly what I was looking for.

Exactly the kind of low profile non lethal type of protection I was looking for. Very comfortable to run with.

Go Guarded Ring When Other Options Prohibited

I can’t speak to the legality of my actions but I recently used my Go Guarded ring in a foreign country where nearly all other self defense options were prohibited. It was undetectable but still available to me should I feel the need for a personal security device. I liked it so much I decided to buy an extra half dozen for Mother’s Day gifts for the women I care about.

K.Jett 01/05/20
When your secret Santa is a badass, you get a finger blade for protection on solo runs.
CYNDI 12/23/20
I love a good product!
HAYLEI 12/08/20
It’s such a great product. Glad I found y’all.
JO 11/29/20
This is amazing!
DAWN 10/03/20
I really like the all in one model. I have the ring and just got this one this week. It’s really comfortable to run with and I felt secure. Also, the alarm that came with it is super loud. I love it! Thank you for making great products so I don’t have to give up my freedom to run.
KATIE 11/25/20
It’s absolutely essential! I recommend it to everyone!
DAWN 11/20/20
I love it! It’ll really help me mentally! Thank you!
REY 10/28/20
I’m excited to have this on me when I run!
JANE 10/16/20
Seriously love thing ring for my solo runs.
KITTY 10/04/20
It’s amazing. I don’t leave the house without mine.
SILVIA 09/25/20
I love it so much! I’ve gifted them to friends/family. Thanks for creating this product, it makes a difference. Just wanted to say thank you!
LEEZA 09/14/20
Thank you for making a product that makes me feel safe!
LAUREN 08/06/20
Love this Go Guarded mace/blade combo.
JESSICA 08/14/20
Everyone should have one of these!
LORENA 10/27/20
The best to protect yourself while running.
MICHELLE 01/03/20
I love mine. I feel a bit safer when I run!
CAITIE 12/08/20
Thank you for creating such an amazing product. Truly, life changing!
CHRISTY 12/01/20
Thank you! You have fantastic products and feeling safe is so important to me.
MRS. TUERS 11/17/20
Thank you for making Go Guarded. I wear mine every morning! I feel so much safer with it.
JAMISON 11/25/20
I’m excited to feel better out there! Lots of dark run training for me! Safety is so important. Thank you for a great product.
MICHELLE 11/20/20
FINALLY invested in a Go Guarded ring. I’m so relieved to be running with an extra safety tool!
ELAMON 10/31/20
I Go Guarded every time I run/walk!
MELANIE 10/23/20
Thank you for providing something so perfect! Now I don’t have to carry my husband’s knife around.
ASHLEY 10/15/20
Thank you for creating this product!!!!
AMANDA 10/03/20
Thank you for developing this product.
ALEX 09//16/20
Taking public transportation at this hour is a little scary. Thanks to Go Guarded it’s less scary.
AMY 10/23/20
Safe AF. Thanks Go Guarded!
KATELYN 09/30/20
Thank you for designing such a great product that allows me to feel empowered when I’m running alone!
STACEY 12/01/20
Protecting myself! I will fight back!
BRANDY 09/03/20
I 100% recommend all Go Guarded products! Not even just for running; hiking alone, sketchy travel, gas stops, etc.
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