Go Guarded was built for runners by a runner. The Go Guarded team has gone through multiple iterations to get each product to the most comfortable level possible, without sacrificing quality and strength. We want to make sure you feel comfortable on your walk, run, or activity, barely feeling Go Guarded is there.

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Go Guarded products were developed to meet the unique needs of runners. They are hands-free devices that will leave your hands free to reach for water, check your phone, stop your watch, etc. Simply slip on a Go Guarded and Go. Avoid the fatigue of carrying something extra while running.

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Go Guarded’s founder has an extensive background in criminal justice/law enforcement. With her background in safety, she developed each product with a focus on effectiveness. Go Guarded products are all uniquely designed for anyone who wants to feel safer during their run, walk, or outdoor activity.


Go Guarded saved me
This is a short version of my story. It has been a journey that I continue to travel.

When I first bought the ring – my husband was more worried that I would fall and stab myself. He never thought I could hurt someone Else. But that was before the morning last winter. I was running and heard breaths and footsteps behind me. I turned just as my attacker pushed me to the ground with the intent to rape me. He was on top of me. I stabbed him in the face with my ring and thankfully he stopped and ran away. The police were able to identify him because he dropped his cell phone at the scene of the crime and also because he had an obvious stab wound on his cheek. I never leave my house without my go guarded and when I am home alone – I often have it on me. Thank you go guarded. My attacker will serve an 8 year sentence and also is facing charges in another county for a similar crime.

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Go Gourded


Go Guarded has created self-defense products that blend seamlessly into your active lifestyle. Self-defense expert David Heineman demonstrates in this video review how easily you can use all of our products, and shares his thoughts on their effectiveness. 


Go Guarded has worked with a variety of self-defense specialists and assault survivors. Some include:

Based on 500 reviews
Go Guarded Ring When Other Options Prohibited

I can’t speak to the legality of my actions but I recently used my Go Guarded ring in a foreign country where nearly all other self defense options were prohibited. It was undetectable but still available to me should I feel the need for a personal security device. I liked it so much I decided to buy an extra half dozen for Mother’s Day gifts for the women I care about.

Faith Dickmeyer
Great protection

My daughter is a runner, and I wanted her to have some protection. This is comfortable and could do some damage with an attacker. We can’t live in fear, but we can make ourselves less of a victim.

Jacob Barrera

This is a game changer

Perfect for running and everyday

I love this for running and for day to day use. I feel very safe with it and I like that it attaches to my hand and can’t be easily dropped or taken. Luckily I haven’t had to use it but the security is worth the purchase.

Great product

Perfect for my daughter’s who is a runner. Easy to use and fast shipping.

Brooke Shaw
Small yet mighty

The ring fits perfectly, is comfortable when I run and walk, even with my jogging stroller. It's compact and easy to travel with. Helps me feel a little safer when I am out on my own and that makes it so worth it!

Heather Hanratty

Great deal

Perfect size, great product!

I love that I can easy carry this during a run or tuck it in my running belt. The rubber covering and shape make it easy to grip, even when my hands are sweaty! Perfect for my early morning solo runs.

Carissa Morin
Almost perfect

I'm happy with my ring for the most part. I wish it had a hard storage case so I could put it away safely between uses. I'm also really scared I'm going to cut myself or my clothes by accident when I have it on. Not sure what can be done about that though, other than to be very careful. Lastly, and this doesn't impact my review of the actual ring... My friend and I ordered around the same time and she got some cute stickers (Warning ... Runner will fight back & Let is run in peace) with her order. I did not receive anything other than the ring in a plastic bag.

Meghan Davi
I’m once again enjoying outdoor runs☀️

Thanks to go guarded and their amazing self defense products for women, I am enjoying outdoor runs again.

Go guarded gives me peace of mind so I can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature as I train for my next race.

Running is my happy place and go guarded has made it enjoyable once again.

I hope you get to experience their products.

Kara Anderson
I feel protected

This ring is so easy to wear. I know nothing is 100% safe against crime, but I feel more comfortable going on trail and road runs alone when I’m wearing it. I also carry pepper spray and an alarm.

Peace of Mind

Super light and easy to wear. Makes me feel better to have on me!

Lavender Lloyd
Love my ring!

I feel soooo much better wearing this ring when I run alone in the mornings. I have always carried a knife but I have to unzip my pocket to get it out. I always felt like it would take too long if I needed to act fast. This ring gives me so much more comfort knowing I can act quickly if I ever needed to. It’s also very comfortable and never bothers me. Thank you Go Guarded!

I feel so safe!

I usually run in very public areas so I don’t have to worry too much but having the go guarded pepper spray and knife allows me to not worry AT ALL. I feel safe. I feel powerful. I pray I never have to use it but the ease I feel while wearing it helps my runs go so much smoother. I get to have fun while running!! It’s the best feeling!


Super lightweight! Barely even feel it but feel much safer with it!

Get it!!

This is a great self defense product. It’s lightweight and I love that I don’t have to carry it. I feel so much better on my solo runs wearing this!


Feeling safer

I bought the gift box for both myself and my daughter to use. She is heading off to college and I wanted something for her to have that would be a tool she can use when she is on campus. I am a runner and typically am running alone, so this is a way I can increase my feelings of safety and take control of my environment while still getting my runs in. Thank you for creating products that allow us to do the things we enjoy and increase our level of self protection and safety.

Nicole T.
Awesome tool to give me some peace of mind

I don’t live in a threatening area but I’m not foolish to think anything can’t happen anywhere. I feel better knowing I have some sort of protection in case something were to happen. Wonderful products you all have made. Thank you for making me feel safer on my runs.

A must have for runners (or anyone)

I’ve always been cautious when going for a run, but I really wanted something that made me feel extra safe. This ring is sharp! Sharper than I expected, which I was happy about. It also is fairly comfortable. Highly recommend this product, you can never be too safe.


It is slender and the top is not easily geared for the thumb over position typical of a hammer strike. Apparently meant to be gripped by the body of the unit and not the top. Not your better product.

Well thought out device

Best points - immediately available (no hassle to deploy) and simple to use effectively, as any hammer fist or hammer thrust provide effective deterrence. Gifted one to a petite woman of 75 who is still active. She loved it.

Better Velcro

The velcro on the Go Guarded is not very secure and allows for too much movement on the hand. Velcro like that found on the Sabre handheld pepper spray would be much better on this.

Jennie Jones
A must for everyone runner!

The go-guarded ring is an absolute must for any walker or runner! It is small, compact, and I don’t even know I’m wearing it. As a walker and runner who spends a lot of time on trails and sidewalks by myself, this is the reassurance I need that I am staying as safe as I possibly can. Thank you!

Kristi Orr


K.Jett 01/05/20
When your secret Santa is a badass, you get a finger blade for protection on solo runs.
CYNDI 12/23/20
I love a good product!
HAYLEI 12/08/20
It’s such a great product. Glad I found y’all.
JO 11/29/20
This is amazing!
DAWN 10/03/20
I really like the all in one model. I have the ring and just got this one this week. It’s really comfortable to run with and I felt secure. Also, the alarm that came with it is super loud. I love it! Thank you for making great products so I don’t have to give up my freedom to run.
KATIE 11/25/20
It’s absolutely essential! I recommend it to everyone!
DAWN 11/20/20
I love it! It’ll really help me mentally! Thank you!
REY 10/28/20
I’m excited to have this on me when I run!
JANE 10/16/20
Seriously love thing ring for my solo runs.
KITTY 10/04/20
It’s amazing. I don’t leave the house without mine.
SILVIA 09/25/20
I love it so much! I’ve gifted them to friends/family. Thanks for creating this product, it makes a difference. Just wanted to say thank you!
LEEZA 09/14/20
Thank you for making a product that makes me feel safe!
LAUREN 08/06/20
Love this Go Guarded mace/blade combo.
JESSICA 08/14/20
Everyone should have one of these!
LORENA 10/27/20
The best to protect yourself while running.
MICHELLE 01/03/20
I love mine. I feel a bit safer when I run!
CAITIE 12/08/20
Thank you for creating such an amazing product. Truly, life changing!
CHRISTY 12/01/20
Thank you! You have fantastic products and feeling safe is so important to me.
MRS. TUERS 11/17/20
Thank you for making Go Guarded. I wear mine every morning! I feel so much safer with it.
JAMISON 11/25/20
I’m excited to feel better out there! Lots of dark run training for me! Safety is so important. Thank you for a great product.
MICHELLE 11/20/20
FINALLY invested in a Go Guarded ring. I’m so relieved to be running with an extra safety tool!
ELAMON 10/31/20
I Go Guarded every time I run/walk!
MELANIE 10/23/20
Thank you for providing something so perfect! Now I don’t have to carry my husband’s knife around.
ASHLEY 10/15/20
Thank you for creating this product!!!!
AMANDA 10/03/20
Thank you for developing this product.
ALEX 09//16/20
Taking public transportation at this hour is a little scary. Thanks to Go Guarded it’s less scary.
AMY 10/23/20
Safe AF. Thanks Go Guarded!
KATELYN 09/30/20
Thank you for designing such a great product that allows me to feel empowered when I’m running alone!
STACEY 12/01/20
Protecting myself! I will fight back!
BRANDY 09/03/20
I 100% recommend all Go Guarded products! Not even just for running; hiking alone, sketchy travel, gas stops, etc.
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