What is a Self-Defense Ring, and Why Would You Need One?

A self-defense ring is a tool worn on the finger that can make your strikes more effective at warding off an assailant. The purpose of any self-defense tool is to offer increased protection and peace of mind, and a ring is one option that offers unique benefits compared to other alternatives.

Benefits of a Self-Defense Ring

Increased Safety and Peace of Mind

A self-defense ring can give you an advantage over your attacker and offer you those few precious seconds to escape to a safer location. Plus, because it’s a simple tool, it doesn’t require any special training or education to use effectively. A self-defense ring can combine with existing self-defense skills to make them more effective at repelling your attacker. 

In addition to the physical protection that a ring can provide, the ring can grant you peace of mind and empower you by reducing some of the anxiety that can accompany an active and autonomous lifestyle.

Additionally, because the ring is attached to your hand, it is less likely to be dropped due to nerves or taken from you and used against you.

Zero Maintenance

There are many self-defense tools out there like pepper spray, sirens and alarms, batons, and more. But, just like everything in our lives, more and more electrically-powered tools are entering the self-defense space. 

One potentially major downside to these other options is the maintenance required. For example, sirens and alarms need to be charged regularly to ensure they work when needed. In addition, irritants like pepper spray often need to be refilled or replaced after use.

A ring does not require charging or refills, removing additional maintenance from your list of things to worry about.

Always Ready

When you slip on a self-defense ring, you immediately give yourself an added layer of protection that is ready to use. Unfortunately, other tools are often stored in pockets or on keychains, which means you could waste precious time taking them out and getting them ready to use.

A ring keeps your hands free but is always there should you need it. In a dangerous situation, every second counts, so having a self-defense tool ready for immediate use can be highly beneficial.


Why Would You Need a Self-Defense Ring

The sad reality is that many places in this world can be dangerous to explore alone. While vigilance and awareness of your surroundings is always the best method of self-defense, a self-defense ring can provide additional protection.

Many people could benefit from the additional comfort and peace of mind granted by self-defense tools. These tools have become particularly popular with active women looking for some extra protection and who are unfortunately often disadvantaged by their size in a fight. 

Self-defense rings have been very popular with runners and hikers over other self-defense options because of their lightweight, slim profile, and ease of use that doesn’t require pockets or different ways to carry them.

Places that self-defense rings can be used:

  • Running or hiking alone
  • Walking across campus
  • Getting into cars from ride-share services like Uber or Lyft
  • Taking public transportation
  • Parking lots and parking garages
  • Gas stations
  • Walking around at night
  • Any time you are isolated or vulnerable

The Best Self Defense Rings Available – Go Guarded

Go Guarded wants to empower women through innovative self-defense products that are practical and effective for female runners and other on-the-go individuals. A Go Guarded Ring can make you less vulnerable and could potentially be your best friend on your worst day.


The blade of the Go Guarded Ring is composed of heavy-duty glass-infused nylon. The blade cover is a flexible thermoplastic that protects the user from injuring themself but automatically flexes out of the way when used against an attacker.


The ring comes in two sizes, Medium and Large, with five inserts to adjust the width of the band. Covering ring sizes 5-14, you can ensure your Go Guarded Ring will fit comfortably and securely on your finger. Stay Safe Self Defense filmed a review of our self-defense tools and mentioned how comfortable they found our ring.


The heavy-duty materials used in the Go Guarded Ring can effectively repel an assailant with no special training necessary. Chris Aboy, Founder of TAG Muay Thai, says the Go Guarded Ring “doesn’t get in the way if you have previous (self-defense) skills, it only enhances it”. This ring is designed to protect anyone who may need it, regardless of self-defense or martial arts background.

If you would like to get your own Go Guarded Ring that can help provide you with extra protection on the go, visit our shop to see the sizes and colors available.