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What Is A Kubaton: Self Defense Guide

Females deserve to feel safe when they’re enjoying outdoor activities. However, avoiding certain unsafe areas and feeling restricted to existing outdoors only in the daylight can feel isolating for active individuals who want to enjoy their time outdoors. Luckily, Go Guarded provides a range of self-defense products, including the Kubaton. Staying protected has never been more critical, so let’s explore how to use a Kubaton and what it can do for you.

About Go Guarded and Kubaton Self Defense

Founded by a runner, Go Guarded believes that women deserve to run and exist outdoors freely without the fear of being harassed or assaulted. The Kubaton is the ideal way to reduce the worry from your daily outdoor activites.

Comfort, convenience, and effectiveness are at the forefront of Go Guarded products, especially the Kubaton. Carrying a self-defense product can increase your sense of confidence and feeling of protection. Using a Kubaton for self-defense couldn’t be easier, so now is your chance to discover everything it has to offer.

What is a Kubaton?

Much like all of the Go Guarded products, Kubaton gives you an advantage when you’re walking across campus at night, riding public transit, getting into your car in a garage , walking home, solo hiking, etc. In short, a Kubaton might buy you the chance you require to escape to a safer, better-lit, or more populated location. Serving as on-the-go protection, a Kubaton is your solution to feeling safer and well-prepared when you’re outdoors.

Made of heavy-duty plastic, a Kubaton is a serrated-edge defense solution with a safe rubber outer sheath. The blade automatically flexes through the rubber overlay creating easy access to the weapon, if needed, when you’re out and about. Designed as a keychain, the Kubaton blends into your keys, making it hard to forget when you’re out and about. With simple, no-hassle protection, you can feel safer when walking home at night, finding your car in the darkness, or riding the subway.

Anytime you use the Kubaton, you can feel empowered knowing that you have a convenient and effective self-defense tool at your fingertips.

The Effectiveness of a Kubaton

Much like all of the Go Guarded products, a Kubaton may make you feel less vulnerable so that you can enjoy living your day-to-day life. The founder also has extensive criminal justice and law enforcement background, so all of her products are uniquely designed to be practical and straightforward to use in situations that require quick action.

Ease of Use

The comfort and convenience of a Kubaton are second to none. Each product has gone through rigorous testing processes to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible to use. Even though this product was designed as a keychain, the designer did not sacrifice strength and quality. You can rest assured its durability will last you season after season. 

While you’re out and about, you probably want to avoid carrying bulky and heavy items. This is why the Kubaton was designed to be a discreet and lightweight tool to help you feel safer.

Where to Use It

You can use your Kubaton every day, no matter where or what your chosen activity is. So whether you’re walking to your car after dark, strolling across a college campus, or walking through a park to meet a close friend, you may feel safer with a Kubaton.

Options and Pricing

The simplicity and effectiveness of the Kubaton mean that this is a great option to help you feel protected. The Go Guarded Kubaton is priced at $7.99. If this self-defense product is of interest to you, you may also want to look at other products, from pepper spray to personal alarms.

Why Choose a Kubaton?

Using a Kubaton is a highly effective option for self defense. Not only can it help you feel safer, but it is also discreet, small, and easy to put into use at short notice. Other defense tools on the market can feel complicated, overwhelming, and difficult to disguise. Just one look at the many reviews the Go Guarded products have gained can assure you that it has improved many people’s lives for the better. A Kubaton could be your best friend on your worst day, so don’t hesitate and add it as a defense tool in your day-to-day life today!