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What Is The Best Self-Defense To Learn For A Woman?

The best line of defense for a woman to learn begins with awareness. There now exist programs such as  Enhanced Assess, Acknowledge, Act (EAAA), which is targeted at preventing sexual assault for a specific age set. Establishing habits and knowledge to build this awareness is only the beginning.


Many women feel intimidated by self-defense courses and martial arts or overlook the overall benefits of these courses. Yet if women undergo programming like EAAA, they are more likely to defend themselves or seek methods.


Self-defense tools are another great way to provide a sense of security and deter potential attackers. The best self-defense lesson starts with awareness and grows as women educate, equip, and learn to defend themselves. So let’s look at some vital statistics on how vital self-defense training is.

Importance Of Self Defense As A Woman

It’s shocking how little data exists on the usefulness of self-defense knowledge and expertise for women. A quick Google search reveals very little recent, credible information. According to a 2021 study on perceived and quantified sexual assault resistance education, around 42% of women used at least one learned defense tactic. 

Although EAAA proves vital in altering perceptions and coercion, its limitations lay in its focus. For example, we at Go Guarded stand by the belief that an aware woman is a safer one, but awareness doesn’t guarantee safety – it only increases the chances of it. Furthermore, awareness only goes so far without additional resources like self-defense training and tools.

While increased awareness and safety are undoubtedly good things, there are other options women can take to protect themselves. For example, if self-defense training seems daunting, many options are available. So you don’t have to become the next karate master to increase your ability to protect yourself.

Options For Self-Defense Classes

Options for self-defense training range based on your goals. You can explore various solutions based mainly on your budgeted time and investment. Here are some options to consider:

  • Online courses
  • Local martial arts classes
  • Certified personal defense courses

Any of these options accommodate many budgets and schedules. However, the most challenging aspect may be finding the best option for you. 

Online Courses

A quick internet search should generate local self-defense training options. Yet if your area lacks opportunities, you could always explore online courses. Although in-person options give a hands-on chance to apply what you learn, virtual self-defense classes can accommodate many different needs. 

Online classes may be for self-paced learners, with tight schedules, accessibility needs, or those who prefer to keep self-defense courses more discrete. In addition, there are self-defense classes for individuals and groups (if you want community but can’t or don’t wish to leave your home).

Local Martial Arts Courses

If you desire a more comprehensive lifestyle approach to personal defense, martial arts may be the way to go. Specific martial arts are better for self-defense than others, primarily based on personal preference. Some options include:

  • Kickboxing: strength-building, stamina, and whole-body workouts designed to put the kick into personal defense
  • Boxing: agility, power, endurance, and upper body strength training for hands-on protection (with or without gloves)
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: an effective martial art emphasizing escape from holds and controlling larger opponents
  • Krav Maga: military-style form combining multiple styles and forms to defend and attack
  • Muay Thai: a more technical form of boxing with an emphasis on timing and intense defensive maneuvers

Try a few different courses out before committing to a course, trainer, and art form. First, see what fits your specific style and goals best. Second, talk to the instructor and determine if they are a good fit for your defense goals. Third, be upfront about what you’re looking for to save time and money. If you choose martial arts, these pair well with self-defense tools.

Certified Personal Defense Training

For those wanting a targeted program for personal defense, we recommend you find one with proper certifications. Martial arts may not be for everyone; it’s a potentially rigorous commitment depending on style.

Personal defense classes, online or in-person, vary greatly. When choosing a course, instructor, or program, ensure you inquire about qualifications. Ask about prior experiences, and check customer reviews and testimonials. Essentially, don’t sign up for a course without doing your research.

The Benefits of Pairing Self-Defense Lessons With Go Guarded Products

Awareness and personal safety courses are fantastic routes to explore new defense modes. But it takes time to build awareness, strength, and defense skills. You still deserve a sense of security and a method to make it happen during that time. That’s just one of the reasons Go Guarded developed its array of self-defense products

We want to empower women and provide reliable tools to ensure safety and peace of mind. Our collection offers the chance to employ many kinds of self-defense skills. Many of our products are made for handheld use to provide the most straightforward opportunity for defense. Some benefits include the following:

  • The minimal learning curve of any product
  • Adaptive for existing self-defense or martial arts knowledge
  • Additional resources to deter potential attackers
  • Increased sense of security
  • Better opportunities to effectively defend oneself

All of these benefits depend on first implementing self-defense courses into your life. You can gain from having self-defense tools at your disposal without taking lessons. They go further the more aware and skilled you are. Taking the time to build knowledge and strength and gather resources gives you the best opportunity to stay safe.

Experience Go Guarded Products’ Ease of Use

When investing in personal safety, you should not have to suffer the intimidation or challenge of a complicated tool or course. Likewise, although there’s a learning curve for developing martial arts skills and discipline, self-defense tools should be straightforward.

Fortunately, we developed self-defense solutions for any woman on the go. Go Guarded has a wide range of tools available for purchase, no matter your personal safety preferences. In addition, we offer self-defense tips to show you how simple it is to use and include our products in your daily routines. Check out these tips and see how easy our products are to use.