Self Defense

What is the Best Thing to Carry for Self Defense?

As a self-defense company by women and for women, Go Guarded believes in the power and ability of all women to reclaim their independence. We aim to provide a means of protection against harassment, intimidation, and assault. Knowing that runners are a vulnerable community prone to being targets of assault, we have created a line of products capable of assisting runners and those interested in improving their abilities to defend themselves.

There are so many personal safety options available. The expanded number of awareness courses, martial arts, and self-defense lessons is impressive. In addition, there is a wide range of self-defense tools you can purchase online. With decorative safety keyrings trending on social media, finding the best, most reliable thing to carry for self defense can become a bit of a puzzle. We have narrowed these items into the best self-defense tool list so you can easily make the right choices for yourself. Read on for more information about some of our most popular self-defense products.

Go Guarded Hand-Held With Alarm And Pepper Spray

If you want the ultimate self-defense package, the Go Guarded Hand-Held with alarm and pepper spray is for you.

The Go Guarded Self Defense Kit was developed to provide three complementary ways to defend yourself. This self-defense kit comes with three tools designed to keep your hands free. It includes the following:

  • A bladed Go Guarded Hand-Held
  • ½ ounce pepper spray canister
  • 130-decibel personal alarm with LED light

The Hand-Held has a pouch, so you can choose whether or not you want to carry the pepper spray or alarm as they are interchangable. This self-defense toolkit isn’t clunky like some overloaded keyrings available on the market. Instead, each tool serves a specific purpose for deterring an attack.

The personal alarm sends a high-pitched, very loud alert at 130 decibels should you encounter any potential attackers. The average car horn is only 110 decibels, and 130 decibels is roughly equivalent to the volume of a gunshot at close range or the hammering of a jackhammer. If this sound isn’t enough to deter an attack and it turns into a hands-on assault, the blade can be used to defend yourself and escape.

Pepper spray uses capsaicin, the substance that makes peppers spicy, to cause any attacker pain and disorient them, giving you the time needed to escape. The Go Guarded Self Defense Pepper Spray is a 1/2 oz Streetwise canister with over 180,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), making it one of the hottest and most effective self-defense sprays on the market. The spray can cause difficulty breathing, swollen mucus membranes, and burning and swollen shut eyes. The canister has an easy locking mechanism that is easy to use but will prevent you from accidentally spraying yourself – perfect for keeping any would-be attacker at bay.

The Go Guarded Hand-Held blade (attached to your hand) will also be quickly available to you if you are unable to deter an attacker and you need to protect yourself up close. The strap of the Hand-Held is adjustable to fit any hand size snugly or even go over gloves. This tool is ideal for escaping any up-close assailants that get past the first layer of protection in this ultimate self-defense kit.

Go Guarded Kubaton

If you want a self-defense product that fits on any keyring, is durable, and affordable, look no further than the Go Guarded Kubaton. Its heavy-duty plastic serrated edge with a rubber overlay that automatically flexes out of the way to expose the blade when needed. The glass-reinforced nylon offers the strength and potential for damage that could deter an assailant, while the rubber overlay provides a secure grip and protection from accidentally injuring yourself.

You can add it to your keychain for accessible, hassle-free protection. Developed as a quick go-to self-defense strategy, you can use it at any time, perhaps as you walk to your car, are out for a stroll, or taking public transportation.

There are plenty of techniques you can use to enhance the effectiveness of the Go Guarded Kubaton. We recommend consulting a martial arts instructor, taking a self-defense class, or viewing one of the many self-defense videos available on YouTube.

Go Guarded Ring

Did you know the best thing to carry for self-defense can also be discrete and highly portable? The Go Guarded Ring revolutionizes self defense for any runner or woman on the go; its lightweight composition might make you forget it’s even there.

Made of the same materials as our Kubaton and Hand-Held, our self-defense ring offers durability and accessibility. You can slip it onto your finger easily and get moving quickly. The extra protection is stylish and can blend seamlessly with your workout outfit. In addition, the secure ring has a hidden blade and can be used swiftly should it be needed to protect yourself. Just like the kubaton, the Go Guarded Ring has a rubber blade cover that will flex out of the way when used to keep you safe.

Even though this ring is perfect for runners looking for self-defense tools, it is also great for other situations where one may want additional protection, like walking out late at night or in an unknown area when traveling. Because of its lightweight and compact profile, the Go Guarded Ring is perfect for when you don’t want to carry keys and keychains. The Go Guarded Ring could be a life-saver to help you get through an unexpected situation. Don’t wait until it’s too late. With Go Guarded, you’re much safer!

Preparation and Awareness are the Best for Self-Defense

All of our Go Guarded self-defense tools are ideal solutions for empowering women and anyone who wants to defend themselves, empower themselves, and increase their ability to deter assault. As always, we recommend our products and suggest that those seeking to improve their self-defense abilities also seek resources to help build their situational awareness and self-defense techniques. Awareness is the first step; preparation is the second. In addition, you can discover more self-defense knowledge by reading more of our additional personal safety tips on our blog.