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Benefits Of a Self-Defense Ring While Running

Running is a freeing experience for many, yet peace of mind isn’t as accessible as it could be. Or, at least this was the case for women runners in the past. Go-Guarded’s multiple solutions for safer running exist to serve you being out and about with a sense of peace and safety.

Of the many products available, the self-defense ring remains the top seller due to its many benefits. This innovative yet straightforward device allows convenience, comfort, affordability, and peace of mind. So let’s explore these benefits to make the most informed choice for your self-defense needs.

Ease of Use

Self-defense for women often overlooks simplicity or ease of use. Although effective, pepper spray and stun guns take valuable time to access and use. Even if you’re comfortable using either of these solutions, pepper spray expires, weakening over time. Although easily replaced, it’s easy to fumble pepper spray if surprised and under duress. Unlike pepper spray, you can use a Go Guarded ring regardless of which way the wind is blowing.

Stun guns and tasers can be even more challenging to use and vary in efficacy. In fact, tasers fail more than pepper spray. User learning curves and failure rates aside, stun devices are bulky. Bulkiness makes them harder to hide and carry–both downsides when running.

The Go Guarded Ring solves a few of these issues. It works well combined with pepper spray and/or self-defense maneuvers (if you are trained). The Go Guarded Ring can give you an advantage over an attacker who might otherwise overpower you, even if attacked from behind.

Portability and Affordability

Unlike pepper spray and stun devices, a self-defense ring is highly portable. It is easy to wear, and the sheath on the ring’s blade means you can store it anywhere easily. For example, you can keep it tucked away in the same spot dedicated to storing your running gear, so you never forget to bring it with you. The ring is also easily stored in a gym bag, car, or purse; it’s discrete enough so you can keep it on hand practically anywhere.

If you want personal security options on the go for more than running, consider purchasing more than one Go Guarded Ring. It’s so affordable that you can easily invest in spare rings. So whether you want one accessible anywhere you go, or you are afraid of losing or forgetting one for a run, consider owning multiple rings instead.

Comfort and Convenience

Stun devices and certain pepper spray designs do not allow for easy use of hands while running. Whether it’s a quick sip of water, adjusting a loose ponytail, or checking your phone, one of the best parts of a self-defense ring is that it still allows unrestricted use of your hands. There’s zero maintenance – no recharging, refilling, loading, or sharpening.

Aside from keeping your hands free, this self-defense ring comes in multiple sizes. Intended for wear on your dominant hand, simply put it on the finger it fits most comfortably. We do not recommend wearing this self-defense ring on the pinky or thumb. You can find it in medium or large, with an inclusive range of ring sizes 5 to 14. Once you have found your preferred size and color, slip it on and go!

Durable Construction

The Go Guarded ring is a heavy-duty plastic serrated-edge self-defense weapon meant to be worn on anyone’s finger. When used, the self-defense ring’s blade cover automatically flexes out of the way on impact. The blade itself is made from heavy-duty glass-reinforced nylon. The outer sheath of the ring is made of a thermoplastic elastomer, a rubber-type material.

You don’t have to worry about refilling or sharpening this self-defense knife ring. Instead, the durability of this particular solution means you invest in an affordable and well-built piece. Plus, you can feel safer knowing self-defense measures paid off when the solutions you invest in don’t break under pressure.

Avoiding Self-Injury

One of the most significant benefits of the Go Guarded ring is the reduced chance of unintended self-injury. A light scrape here or there should not cause significant pain or injury as the ring is intended for use with force.

When used to fend off an attacker, the ring’s sharp edges work well with forceful swiping motions. In addition, serrated blade edges and a strong point work well for any person, regardless of whether or not they’ve been trained in martial arts. There’s also less chance the attacker can use the weapon against you since it is attached to your hand.

Peace of Mind

The best benefit the Go Guarded Ring offers, aside from safety, is peace of mind. Enjoying a run is not possible if you’re afraid for your life. And clunky devices like pepper spray or stun devices are larger reminders that may impact your peace of mind.

There’s nothing like slipping on something as small as a self-defense ring to put you at ease. If you’re really in the zone, you might forget it’s on your dominant hand. The best part of this simple-to-use tool is its overall impact on your run.

If you can forget about feeling unsafe for even a moment, the ring has done its job. The best way to ensure your safety is to always be aware of your surroundings. Keep your head on a swivel, and don’t run with headphones in (while outdoors) to maintain sensory awareness.

Running Free and Guarded

All of these benefits of the Go Guarded self-defense ring result in the best benefit of all: a better running experience. Whatever your motivation for running, you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest. Getting yourself out the door is already enough of a challenge without concerns for safety and protection.

And, although founded to keep women runners safe, this self-defense ring helps any person on the go. You may not be a runner, but maybe a commuter or a hard worker with late-night shifts. Our ring can help protect you in any of these situations, too, while still providing the same benefits. Plus, it’s easy to combine with any of our many other self-defense solutions.