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Self Defense Ring Buying Guide - Go Guarded

Women’s safety is a huge concern as violent crimes against women continues to increase. Whether it’s going for a run, walking across campus, hiking a mountain trail, getting in or out of a car in a deserted parking lot, or riding public transit, women are often at risk.

The unfortunate truth is women are often disadvantaged by their smaller size in a fight. And the element of surprise inherent in most attacks makes it difficult for a person under attack to simply flee. There is often no choice but to fight off an assailant. 

Self-defense tools can help women overcome the disadvantage they face when trying to fight off and escape from a larger and overpowering assailant. When used properly, a self-defense tool can turn the tables and provide an opportunity for the person under attack to flee to safety. 

A self-defense ring is a great option for women concerned about their personal safety to consider. Rings are small, light, inconspicuous, and could end up being a lifesaver. 

Why Choose a Self-Defense Ring?

There are a number of different self-defense options women should consider to improve their personal safety, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the best options will be training in self-defense and/or in a combat sport (muay thai, judo, jiu jitsu, etc). However, not all women have access to or want that training and skill set. 

Another great option for women to consider is a self-defense ring. It may look like a fun accessory, but the right ring can be a lifesaver buying you the seconds you need to escape to safety. A ring is compact, lightweight, easy to use, and will not hinder your movement.

Other advantages of a self-defense ring are:

  • It can give you an advantage over an attacker who might otherwise overpower you
  • Zero maintenance – no recharging, refilling, loading, or sharpening
  • Less chance attacker can use the weapon against you since it is attached to your hand
  • Unlike pepper spray, it is effective even if attacked from behind
  • You can use it regardless of which way the wind is blowing
  • Easy to transport, don’t need a purse to store it, just wear it
  • Simple to use; just slip it on and go!

Whatever self-defense option a person chooses, a high level of situational awareness is always needed. The BEST way to win a fight is to avoid it in the first place. 

What to Know When Buying a Self-Defense Ring

The Right Fit

The best ring is going to be problematic if it is ill-fitting. Too loose and it will likely fly off when you need it most. Too tight and you will be uncomfortable and not want to wear it. Avoid this problem by considering Go Guarded self-defense ring, which was designed to fit a variety of ring sizes. Each Go Guarded ring comes with five different size adjusters.

It is suggested your self-defense ring be worn on your dominant hand, on whichever finger offers the best and most comfortable fit. It is probably best to avoid wearing it on your thumb or pinky finger. 

Comfort and Convenience

One of the best aspects of a self-defense ring is that it still allows for use of your hands. Check your phone, grab a sip of water, fix your ponytail, all these things are doable while wearing a self-defense ring. 

And with the right fitting ring, you will hardly know it’s there. 

Budget Conscious

Self-defense ring prices range from $13 to $200. More expensive is not necessarily better. The large range in prices can be attributed to the materials used. The more expensive rings are made from various metals. Go Guarded ring is made from heavy-duty, glass-infused nylon, so it is tough and effective, but just not expensive. Whether you spend $12.99 for the Go Guarded ring or invest in a more expensive option, your safety is worth it.

Accidental Self-Harm

In addition to being less expensive, using heavy-duty nylon for the ring component of Go Guarded may reduce the chance of unintended self-injury. A casual unintended scrape with Go Guarded ring will likely not cause much pain or injury as the ring is designed to be used with a bit of force. 

If you use your Go Guarded ring to fend off an attacker, its sharp edges will deliver. Not only does it have a sharp point, but the sides of the blade are also serrated and are designed to be used in a swiping motion. Check out these videos for tips on how to fight off an attacker. 

Are Self-Defense Rings Legal?

Go Guarded is unaware of any federal, state, or local law that specifically prohibits the possession or use of this product. However, various federal, state, and local laws prohibit the possession and/or use of certain weapons. Depending on the language of a law and its interpretation, Go Guarded use may be prohibited or limited in certain jurisdictions. It is incumbent upon the purchaser of Go Guarded to check the laws of their jurisdiction.

Final Thoughts

While potential threats seem to be around every corner, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk. Always have a warrior mindset and believe in your own strength! If you think a self-defense ring is right for you, we recommend Go Guarded. It is innovative, effective, affordable, convenient, and comfortable. Go Guarded can be purchased on our product page. Empower and believe in yourself!