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Go Guarded ring is a heavy-duty plastic serrated-edge self-defense weapon that is worn on any finger. The Medium size fits ring size 5 to 9, the Large size fits ring size 10-14, and each comes with inserts to adjust the size of the ring. When the self-defense ring is used, blade cover will automatically flex out of the way on impact. 

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What is Go Guarded ring made of?

Go Guarded blade is made from a heavy-duty glass-reinforced nylon. The outer sheath of the ring is made from a rubber-type material called thermoplastic elastomer.

What finger should I wear Go Guarded ring on?

Go Guarded rings should be worn on your dominant hand, on whichever of your fingers fits most comfortably. We do not recommend wearing this self-defense ring on the pinky or thumb.

What size is the ring?

The Go Guarded ring is available in two different sizes: Medium and Large. The rings each come with a set of inserts that are used to adjust the size of the ring. The medium ring fits ring sizes 5 to 9. The large ring fits ring sizes 10 to 14. 

Are returns Allowed?

Yes, returns are allowed within 30 days of the initial purchase.



Go Guarded ring is a revolutionary self-defense tool and a must for any runner – you’ll never want to run without it again!  Slip this self-defense ring with blade on your finger and GO. You can take comfort knowing you are empowered with extra protection should you need it. Unlike other self-defense tools, the Go Guarded Ring is a stylish ring with hidden blade and is securely attached to your hand and will not easily be taken and used against you.   

Although this safety ring was designed as a self-defense ring for runners, the Go Guarded ring is also a great option for many other situations. Being listed as a top women’s self-defense ring, this defense tool is great when walking through a desolate parking lot, getting gas at a sketchy location, walking across campus at night, on the subway, or any other situation where a woman feels isolated and vulnerable. 

The Go Guarded Ring could be your best friend on your worst day. Women’s self-defense is more important now than ever. Don’t wait until the unthinkable happens because then it’s too late. With Go Guarded, you’re much safer!


Each ring knife comes with five different size adjusters that fit into an opening on the inside bottom of the ring. Decide which finger you will be wearing your Go Guarded ring on (we recommend the pointer finger of your dominant hand), and then try the different size adjusters until your ring is a comfortable fit. You don’t want the ring too loose so that it potentially could slip off your finger, but you also don’t want it too tight that it is uncomfortable. With five different ring adjusters, we have faith you will find the proper fit. The ring is comfortable, convenient, and effective!

For more safety tips, see our self-defense tips.


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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Shearer
Great as Always!

I’ve bought four of these rings for my daughters, wife, and MIL. Black is always in style.

Bobbie Shelton
Be Safe

I have ordered a few of the rings as gifts. I have also gave friends your information. I truly feel safer when I have my ring guard on when I leave stores.
Thanks for your support with helping females feel safer.

Beverly S
Go guard

I bought it for my daughter. She’s alone often and this seems like the best protection for her!

Summer St Clair
Highly recommend

I was assaulted and attacked on my run in January this year and survived. I fought hard and even split the lip of my attacker. Thankfully he was found and arrested. Knowing what I know now I wish I had one of your rings on at the time! It would have done even more damage. I promote this ring to everyone! My daughter and I wear them everywhere and especially on our runs!

Wendy Arnold
safety first

i just received the 2 Go guarded rings i ordered. i wear one on my solo walks of my neighborhood, i probably dont need to but, better safe than sorry. I am also going to keep one in my car thats easy to access. Its easy to use and the different ring size pieces made it easy to size for me.