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Best Self-Defense Products and Tools For Women in 2022

There are many self-defense products and tools available for modern women. However, some tried, and true solutions are the best because there’s simply no comparison. Go Guarded isn’t the first company with a mission to protect women, but we’re devoted to more than a sense of security. It’s why we innovated even essential solutions to be more effective. 


Before we break down what makes our company’s self-defense products so effective, here’s a brief list of the best tools for women’s self-defense in 2022.


  • Whistles
  • Personal Alarms
  • Pepper Spray
  • Tasers
  • Self-defense Blade
  • Kubaton
  • Self-defense Ring

Most of these items are more or less self-explanatory. Yet, they all serve the same purpose – keeping women guarded on the go. Keep reading for more insights into what makes every item on this list so helpful in providing that sense of security for any woman.


There are so many safety whistles available for self-defense that it’s hard to pick the “best one” around. Loud noise is a reliable deterrent for any would-be attacker. This self-defense tool works for more than just personal defense too. If you have any health conditions, experience a fall and can’t move, or do need to attract attention, a whistle can help.


Most whistles are plastic. This fabrication keeps them affordable, lightweight, and portable. They also easily fit on keyrings, wristbands, or lanyards, providing many adaptabilities. Some whistles purport themselves as the “loudest in the world,” but all you need is a highly rated, well-fabricated one to do the job.

Personal Alarms

Although Go Guarded does not carry whistles, we do carry other sound-based devices. For example, our personal alarm offers many of the same benefits as a safety whistle. Whistles may not need batteries, but they can break easily. They also require strong lung capacity no matter how well they are fabricated.


Personal alarms only need the occasional battery change. Our personal alarm comes with an LED light and a 130-decibel level sound. Compared to the loudest whistle available, that’s only 12 decibels lower (without concern for improper use either). In addition, the Go Guarded personal alarm is pin activated and remains active until the pin is replaced, ensuring attention is called to the user as long as necessary.


The included light also helps with visibility for self-defense and other purposes. To ensure it stays functional, you don’t even need special batteries. All you need are two AAA batteries, and the alarm comes with a set pre-installed for ease of use.

Pepper Spray

Another of the best self-defense tools for 2022 is pepper spray. Pepper spray serves two valuable functions: establishing distance and providing a sense of security. Go Guarded’s pepper spray has one of the highest rates of capsaicinoids (i.e., what gives pepper spray its heat) on the market. 


Some concerns with pepper spray involve difficulty using or even worrying about spraying oneself. Our spray comes with a simple, safe locking mechanism to avoid accidental sprays. Twist the top to unlock the can and then press to spray.


Pepper spray works well with other deterrents too. It’s an ideal solution for creating distance between yourself and a would-be assailant. If someone does achieve proximity, spray can keep the attacker out of reach after using a self-defense knife, giving much-needed time to get away. Plus, it’s very portable with our hand-held blade, alarm, or self-defense ring.


Tasers make it on this list of top self-defense products for 2022 due to their overall popularity. Unfortunately, Go Guarded does not currently offer any of these products yet acknowledges the value in their use. 


Tasers require direct contact with an attacker. In a circumstance where you may be overpowered, tasers are more likely rendered useless. A concern with the device is that it could be used against you (which is also possible with pepper spray if dropped). However, this may be a reliable option for your self-defense arsenal if you possess strong self-defense knowledge or martial prowess.

Self-Defense Blade

The Go Guarded Hand-Held makes this list of 2022 self-defense tools for many reasons. For example, some states cannot receive pepper spray via mail, so the Hand-Held is a great solution. In addition, if you choose to include a locally purchased pepper spray in your self-defense kit, our Hand-Held comes with an external pouch.


Two layers of protection offer more peace of mind. First, the Hand-Held attaches to the hand over the knuckles with an inclusive, adjustable velcro strap. Because it attaches to the hand, it’s unlikely to be used against you. The flex covering over the blade bends back with force, reducing the chance of harming oneself.


Practical for deterring a hands-on assault, this self-defense knife offers portability too. The blade comprises heavy-duty glass-reinforced nylon, making this a lightweight option. As a result, it’s ideal for any woman on the go. In addition, because it sits on the back of the hand, it keeps hands free to do any task or workout. Aside from pairing well with other self-defense tools, it also pairs well with martial arts knowledge.


Another reliable hand-held self-defense tool is our Go Guarded Kubaton. Made of heavy-duty plastic, this serrated-edge weapon comes with a rubber overlay that automatically flexes out of the way to expose the blade. You can easily add it to a keychain as a lightweight, straightforward self-defense tool.


This product doesn’t attach to the hand but certainly improves the keys between the fingers method. Plus, if you need something that always stays with you on the go, no matter where you are, a keyring kubaton is a great solution.

Self-Defense Ring

Last but certainly not least on this top list of self-defense tools for 2022 sits the Go Guarded Ring. Like our Kubaton and Hand-Held, this self-defense ring has an auto flex rubber sheath over a heavy-duty plastic serrated edge. The blade only emerges with forceful contact.


This size-inclusive ring is intended for wear on any finger and fits sizes 5-14. We also include size adjusters for normal swelling and shrinkage of fingers. This discrete, convenient self-defense tool fits any lifestyle and level of self-defense knowledge.


It’s highly wearable, pairs well with our other self-defense products, and is affordable. You can buy multiples, so you’re never without it too.