kubaton self defense

Do Kubatons Work for Self Defense?

Self defense tools come in a wide variety of solutions, and there is something for everyone, no matter your age, ability, or skill level. Many options can improve effectiveness when trying to defend yourself. Kubatons are one of these tools. Choosing the best option for your self defense can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with everything there is to offer. Our hope is that by reading on and learning about what a kubaton is, you will not only be able to determine if it is the best self defense tool for you, but you will also be able to see why kubatons can boost your confidence when you are out running, walking home late at night, or meeting up with friends in a new part of town.

What is a Kubaton?

You may have seen kubatons, however not every kubaton is made equally. Fortunately, our Go Guarded Kubaton is designed, like all of our self defense tools, to give an advantage to any on-the-go individual, using quality materials that will last.

A Kubaton is a fantastic self defense solution if you are looking to feel safer and well-prepared when you are outdoors. This small, handheld tool easily fits on a keyring and in the palm of your hand. It comes with an ergonomic grip for comfort and ease of use. In addition, its size makes it ideal for the smallest of hands, and a variety of martial arts maneuvers.

Initially developed by Soke Takayuki Kubota, the kubaton’s primary purpose is safety. The original body appeared like a fist-sized baton or today’s tactical pen. Over time, the kubaton has evolved to include different features like a pointed tip.

What is our Kubaton Made of?

There are many options for material composition. For example, while some companies opt for metals like aluminum or titanium, we wanted to use something more lightweight and affordable. Our Kubaton is composed of heavy-duty, glass-infused plastic and also comes with a unique feature: a serrated edge sheathed in rubber. The sheath automatically flexes out of the way to reveal the sharp edge within. Go Guarded designed the kubaton so that it protects you from accidental self-injury while still proving effective when needed. With the right amount of force, your kubaton can work wonderfully in your favor.

How to use a Kubaton

There are many ways to introduce the Go Guarded Kubaton into your self defense arsenal. For example, you can participate in safety courses specific to kubatons or martial arts courses or include it in a keyring for general use. Although self defense courses can improve your confidence and sense of safety, a kubaton can still be effective without them.

Ease of Use

Go Guarded designed our Kubaton to offer the utmost comfort and convenience. Rigorously tested for ease of use, we also emphasized discretion and portability. Unlike bulk safety keyring wholesalers, our Kubaton is sturdy. Our testing includes tests of strength and quality, offering durability that truly lasts.

We also designed the Kubaton to be a discreet and lightweight tool to help you feel safer. Unlike wholesale keyrings, our kubaton is sold individually to give you options. You can stack and pack your whole self defense arsenal onto one keyring.

The wonderful benefit of a Kubaton is that you can have it on hand daily. Wherever you are headed, day or night, you may feel safer with a Kubaton in hand. You can adapt it to any lifestyle, no matter how active you are.

Affordable Pricing

Priced at $7.99, the Go Guarded Kubaton offers affordable safety. No more overpriced keyrings with bulky or excessive items. Instead, pay for self defense essentials without compromising on quality. The affordability means you can invest in multiple Kubatons or other personal defense items like pepper spray, personal alarms, or our serrated-edge Handheld or Ring.

Prioritizing Your Sense of Safety

Kubatons work extremely well as a self defense tool. They are valuable for boosting confidence, enhancing martial arts maneuvers, and providing a sense of security. All of these aspects are priceless when it comes to protecting yourself. Situational awareness is the foundation, and practical solutions like the Go Guarded Kubaton can take your sense of safety to another level.