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Go Guarded HAND-HELD provides double the protection –a super loud alarm (130 decibels) AND a Go Guarded knife!  Due to the two features, Go Guarded Hand-Held is practical for both deterring an attack with the alarm, and escaping a hands-on assault with the knife.


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Is the strap of the Go Guarded Hand-Held adjustable?
Yes, the strap is adjustable via a Velcro enclosure. As such, the Hand-Held unit can be adjusted to fit any size hand, or even over gloves. 
What is the Go Guarded blade made from?
Go Guarded blade is made from a heavy-duty glass-reinforced nylon
Returns Allowed?
Within 30 Days



Go Guarded knows attacks can happen in a variety of ways, so Go Guarded Hand-Held was developed to provide you with two options to defend yourself. If a potential attacker can be warned off and deterred with an ear-splitting alarm, GREAT, but if not and the situation turns into a hands-on attack, you will have the advantage of a sharp Go Guarded blade on your side. Plus, unlike other self-defence products, Go Guarded Hand-Held is attached to your hand and will not easily be taken and used against you.     

Go Guarded Hand-Held with Alarm is available with a blue, red, or magenta blade cover.   

How to use: Adjust the strap to comfortably fit your hand. Make sure the clear plastic tab has been removed from the side of the alarm, allowing it to function. Regarding the blade, the material covering the blade will automatically flex out of the way when the blade is engaged.

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