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Go Guarded HAND-HELD provides double the protection – Stun Gun AND a Go Guarded knife! Due to the two features, it is practical for both deterring an attack with the stun gun and escaping a hands-on assault with the blade.   

Due to state restrictions, we are unable to ship stun guns to RI and HI. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Go Guarded takes self-defense for women very seriously and knows that attacks can happen in a variety of ways. The Go Guarded hand-held, the best self-defense knife for a woman, was developed to provide women with two options to defend themselves. If a potential attacker can be warned off and deterred with the stun gun, fantastic, but if not and the situation turns into a hands-on attack, that’s where the self-defense knife comes into play and you can take advantage of the sharp blade. Unlike other self-defense products, the Go Guarded Hand-Held is attached to your hand and will not easily be taken and used against you. This allows you to have full control over your self-defense weapon and makes it ideal for the best option of knives for runners.

Self Defense Knife

The Go Guarded blade is made from heavy-duty glass-reinforced nylon which makes it lightweight and easy to carry. The self-defense knife is convenient, comfortable, and effective. One of the best-rated knives for runners and active individuals.

How to use: Adjust the strap to comfortably fit your hand. The rubber coating covering the blade will automatically flex out of the way when the blade is engaged. Read our blog for more self-defense tips.

Stun Gun

Easy accessibility is the key to effectively defending yourself. Not having to fumble with the switches and buttons of a traditional stun gun saves you valuable time when you need to defend yourself.

The design also features battery status indicator lights so you will never be without a full charge. The unit has rechargeable batteries already installed. To charge, plug the mini-USB end into the charging port on the stun gun and the other end into your USB charging device. The battery Indicator Lights flashes while charging. Four solid lights indicate a full charge. It is recommended that you charge the unit for 3-4 hours prior to its first use.

The LED flashlight works with a touch sensor. Placing your finger over the probes will turn the flashlight on – removing it turns it off. The flashlight will turn off automatically after 20 minutes of constant use to prevent draining the battery.

Sometimes, just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to deter an attacker.  As the electric current pulsates across the top, it creates an intimidating electrical sound.

Touching the stun gun anywhere on the assailant’s body will have an effect. And you don’t have to be concerned about the effects of the charge being transferred to you. Even if the assailant touches you while being stunned, you will not feel the effects of the charge. Touching an assailant for about a second will cause minor muscle contractions and repel them quickly. If you touch them for three to five seconds it will cause loss of balance and muscle control, mental confusion, and disorientation. It is advised that the device should not be used for longer than five seconds.

Anywhere you use the high voltage stun gun will be effective but the most vulnerable places on a human body to stun is the upper shoulder, the upper hip, and below the rib cage. All of the effects are temporary and doesn’t cause any permanent harm, but it will allow you enough time to escape from your attacker.


  • Go Guarded Hand-Held with blade
  • Smart 24,000,000* Keychain Stun Gun
  • USB charging cord
  • Keychain with quick release
  • Stun gun instructions


Here is the stun gun instructions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Craig Donnelly
Confidence Builder

Stun Gun/Knife Combo, Male 5’10 180 pounds

After a dog attack and a couple uncomfortable interactions on the trail I purchased this combo. I love the instant confidence knowing I have a capable tool in my hand that does not interfere with my run.
For me personally, I’d like the knife to have a little more grip surface. With gloves on the dangerous end could use a tiny bit more length. When pressure is applied, it still gets the job done and I cannot imagine the damage a solid blow would cause.
The stun hand sensor does not register through a glove (I live in Syracuse, NY). If you practice/think about this ahead of time it will not be a problem.

I will absolutely recommend this to friends. I believe it is a capable tool that all should consider in this market.

Daniel Kuntz
A great product

Go guarded provides persons on the go the peace of mind to know they have a device that could help them remain safe in a difficult encounter. Bravo!

Love it!

It is easy to hold and easy to use. It fits perfectly in my hand and where the button is located is natural to push, compared to hitting the pepper spray. Make sure to only test fire for one second or it could damage it!

Sharon Summers
Best yet!

I love all of the Go Guarded products, but this has to be my favorite so far! I feel very safe running early in the morning carrying this baby! It's easy to use and stays charged. And has the trusty knife just in case. I will be recommending these to everyone I know!

Gabriela Cordero

I’ve bought all the GoGuarded products and I was so excited to buy the new RELEASE Stun Gun!! Easy and quick to operate The Taser! Definitely recommend!!