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Women’s Self-defense: A National Discussion

In the United States, women’s self-defense is becoming an increasingly important topic of discussion. As a result, many women are interested in protecting themselves and seeking tools to use in unexpected situations. In this article, we will discuss the various ways women can increase their self-defense skills using physical training and mental and emotional preparation.

Effectiveness of women’s self-defense

Self-defense training works in various, sometimes unexpected ways. It is not always about the physical strength of a person. Instead, most of the value of self-defense training comes from what self-defense classes teach you psychologically.

Three psychological principles work in positive outcomes of self-defense training for women: deterrence, preparation, and empowerment. If you have been through these exercises, you are well aware that these are the very foundation of self-defense. The principles increase a woman’s chances of avoiding an attack. In addition, using self-defense tools like Go Guarded products can offer a common-sense approach to being prepared if the unthinkable happens.

In self-defense training for women, you learn to use your head and body. Self-defense training for women will teach you how to properly defend yourself in the stance someone tries to attack you.

There are more than just physical techniques in self-defense classes. You can learn about psychological strategies that put up a mental barrier that attackers can’t get past, which is just as important as your physical skills. After all, you’re not always going to be able to outrun an attacker, even if you’re physically capable, so what do you do when someone grabs hold of you? What do you do if they are more potent than you are? It’s not easy to defend yourself when an attacker gets their hands on you, but you can work your way to safety using the strategies taught in self-defense classes.

Ease of Use

One of the main complaints about women’s self-defense is that its strategies may not be so easy to recall when in a situation of danger. While this may be true in some cases, there have been many advances in women’s self-defense training techniques and weapons for protection. Recent programs have seen women do better in self-defense training when instructed on more realistic moves that they can use to defend against an attacker.

One of the first things women should learn is to use screaming to let someone know they are in danger. It will help other people become aware of the situation, which may prevent it from getting worse or becoming fatal.

At the same time, they must learn how to fight back if someone attacks them. If women can use moves that the attacker does not expect or see coming, they will have more chances to get away safely. It means that women’s self-defense training should include learning how to use everyday objects as a self-defense tool if needed.

In addition, it is essential to know how to use objects that are available in everyday life, such as keys or even nail files. These may not seem like they would be very dangerous, but when used the right way and at the right time, they could surprise your attacker and help you get away. Go Guarded founder, Jodi Fisher, used this as part of the inspiration for creating a line of practical self-defense tools similarly capable of arming a woman in such scenarios where quick action is needed.

Ways women use self-defense to defend themselves

There are several effective methods that women can use when being assaulted and several techniques that they can practice at home to increase their chances of successfully defending themselves. Depending on the situation, women can use anything available to them, including their body weight and other objects in their surroundings.

Women can defend themselves by kicking, hitting, elbowing, kneeing their attackers, scratching, and kicking at any tender areas such as the neck, eyes, or groin. They may also attempt to use Go Guarded products to raise the alarm, quite literally using an alarm that is strapped to your hand. A cell phone is also helpful because it will allow you to call for assistance, but it may not be as quick to use as the self-defense products mentioned above.

Options Available for Self-defense

Self-defense is critical for women of all ages. There are many options available to help women defend themselves when under attack. Here are some of the best available self-defense options:

  • Home Defense Training: In these classes, a woman can learn about the skills she will need to make it through a home invasion. It teaches safety at home, how to protect yourself from an intruder, awareness, and physical maneuvers to get away from a dangerous situation. These can be taught in a group or private setting.
  • Kickboxing Classes: Learning how to kick in the right way is not only fun, but it helps in self-defense. No matter what level of fitness a woman is in when starting these classes, she will be learning good form that anyone who doesn’t workout can learn, no matter their age. In addition, it helps in strength training, building a routine, and increasing stamina.
  • Martial Arts: Learning to defend oneself is essential for physical well-being and mental health. Martial arts teach discipline, hard work ethic, and focus on helping a person with anything negative in their life. These classes are great for adults, kids, and people of all ages.
  • Boxing Classes: Boxing is another excellent form of exercise that not only teaches women how to punch correctly but gives them a workout as well. A woman can learn a lot from boxing, whether it’s her first time punching or if she has been boxing for years. It helps with fitness, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, coordination, speed, and power. In addition, many classes will teach women how to defend themselves in a non-boxing environment with just their hands if needed.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: One martial art that has shown to be one of the most effective self-defense systems is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. BJJ teaches you how to control larger opponents and how to escape submission holds. It helps you stay calm under pressure of an attack and to not underestimate your opponent.
  • Situational Awareness: Situational awareness is the first line of self-defense.Being able to detect threats early on gives us opportunities to avoid bad situations.
  • Use Pepper Spray: Pepper spray/Mace is an easy way for a woman to keep herself safer when walking at night, in sketchy places, or near people she does not know. Just one shot of this in the eyes of a perpetrator can offer her enough time to get away.

Advantages of self-defense products and self-defense training

There are a host of advantages women can accrue from using self-defense products. In particular, Go Guarded women’s self-defense products have been designed to be easy to use and an affordable way to begin to protect yourself from the potential dangers around the corner. Here are some ways self-defense products and training increase a woman’s self-defense skillset:

  • They teach women to be proactive with their safety, not passive or reactive.
  • The most effective tool for self-defense is your mind and how you are trained to use it.
  • They help women develop the mindset to survive a potential threat by staying aware, identifying danger early, and avoiding conflict whenever possible.
  • The most important protection is your voice—speaking loudly and sensing when to use verbal skills or sound an alarm is critical in preventing or ending violence against women.
  • The most effective product can be a deterrent to a potential attacker if it is visible and gives them second thoughts about the possibility of being hurt or injured.
  • The more information you have about potential threats, the safer you can be in any situation.
  • Knowing that women are ready with a self-defense product can help keep women calm and think instead of freezing up during an attack.
  • Women who feel confident carrying personal alarms, safety alarms, and pepper sprays, feel better prepared to handle potential threats toward their safety.
  • If women understand how they might react during an attack, they can make a more informed decision about what products would work best for them and keep them safe from violence.

Do self-defense tools and self-defense training work for women? It is a question that goes through many women’s minds. However, the countless testimonials from clients across the country who have used our Go Guarded products to defend themselves can attest that they do work. Each purchase goes one step toward a future where more women are empowered to take self-defense into their own hands.